Heating Oil Buying Group

Welcome to My Consortium buying group, the best place to save money on heating oil, and other commodities such as electricity, gas, telephones and firewood. The business was established by Lisa Poole in 2009 to benefit, mainly rural communities, who wish to join together to save money by buying commodities in bulk. 

My Consortium beats the prices of its competitors because of its bulk buying group power for heating oil prices and passes the savings on to you. This way, we can give you great savings with prices for domestic oil, as well as gas, electricity, firewood, mobile phones, land lines and internet utilities.

In addition, Lisa is always interested and open to ideas of other bulk buying opportunities, so if you have any ideas please do get in touch.

Operational Regions

My Consortium operates in two geographical areas. Its original area being in and around the East Midlands where Lisa lives, delivering heating oil to rural areas around Nottingham, Newark, Sleaford, Peterborough and Leicester. With a second group area now established in the South West of the Country delivering oil to Yeovil, Warminster, Salisbury, Christchurch and Weymouth areas, well known to Lisa as her childhood home. Within these boundaries Lisa is able to supply heating oil prices that should be lower than any equivalent prices you have been quoted from a supplier when purchasing as an individual.

By mainly focusing on specific geographical areas My Consortium aims to assist our suppliers with their delivery scheduling, maximising the carbon footprint efficiency and, of course, keeping their expenses down, helps to keep ours down too.

However as My Consortium is also partnered with heating oil suppliers that can deliver oil nationally, living outside of these areas does not necessarily cut off the buying group benefits, prices and great service, therefore please do still get in touch to find out if competitive prices for any or all of our various oil, firewood and other utilities can be offered, Lisa will be delighted to hear from you.

Living in a rural community is mostly a lovely thing to do but can be a costly affair, we pay loads for slow broadband and have very few services, so buy your oil using the buying group at least gives you the opportunity to keep the heating oil price down. We can be a power in the community and fight the high prices!

My Consortium offers other hidden benefits to its members, for instance, heating oil savings account, oil price alerts if the price is at a relative low and regular newsletters to let you know what’s going on and how else you can benefit from being a member. If you would like to receive information about heating oil prices and other useful related updates then please complete the form on the right.

We’re always willing to listen to you and improve our service in every possible way. If you have suggestions for other bulk buying opportunities or even about our site and service, please get in touch.

Enjoy continuing to browse the My Consortium site for further information about the benefits, ordering, additional services and other exciting information about My Consortium.

What our customers say about My Consortium

Geoffrey – Oil

“Hello – As a new boy I write to report that your oil supplier delivered today as promised, in fact they came and went so quietly that I only knew they had been when I noticed the delivery note in the letterbox!!!  The last delivery I had from Butler, at the beginning of the year, was at 72 point something. Very smooth — Thank you very much.” – Geoffrey

Monica – General

“Best prices and hassle-free. Easy and economical. Lisa reminds us regularly to check our oil levels and if we need oil, we let her know how and she does the rest. No pressure selling and no obligation to buy if oil not required.” – Monica

Malise – General

“Being a member of My Consortium not only has the obvious financial benefit of bulk buying but someone else, namely Lisa, does all the work. There are regular reminders to check your oil level and no commitment and it is so simple to be a member.” – Malise

Abi – General

“I live in Dorset and had phoned around locally for oil, getting several prices that all varied a lot. Then I spoke to Lisa at My Consortium who was able to quote much less. I saved about £20. When the supplier rang for payment they were really helpful and the oil arrived when they said it would. It was so easy. I’d definitely use My Consortium again.” – Abi.

David Cox – General

” Your development of the use of social media as a marketing and communication platform is excellent. Makes for a more personal relationship and leaves the ‘mainstream’ suppliers in your wake. Keep up the good work” – David


Panic call Wednesday 9am…..delivery Thursday 9am. Thanks for pushing for us. I will try not to let it happen again. We are warm, thank you. Best regards, Bob