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Welcome to a long overdue newsletter! And there’s quite a lot of news….

Firstly I have employed Donna to assist with oil sales and marketing. I have found, over the last year, that I have been so busy with the other business I run, HR Protocol (if you work in a business or run a business and employ staff you know where I am if you need staff management support!! Couldn’t resist the plug), that I have not been available enough for you and, fortuitously, Donna got in touch to say she was looking for a new challenge. So please welcome Donna into the fold, she’s learning the ropes fast and is a real asset to the business and my sanity.

Donna is much better at the whole social media thing than I am and is hoping that you will follow myconsortiumoil on Twitter and check us out on Facebook.

New email address

A few things are changing now there are two of us. We have a new email address so when you get a chance please can you amend your record although lisapoole@ and both arrive in the heating in box so we shouldn’t miss your mail.

And we now need a proper office so we are converting the garage to a home office (goodness knows where the wine’s going to be stored now) and it will be tidy and work like, unlike the study we are using at the moment. That will hopefully be complete before the end of the year. All very exciting stuff.

Price update

So what about prices this year, haven’t they been great!! Sadly Crude oil is on the rise but who would have thought we would be paying 21p in January, well, we were. At the moment it’s a bit of a roller coaster ride with prices sharply higher one day and sharply lower the next and you will be looking to pay in the region of 31p per litre + 5% VAT right now, so still a whole lot better than we had to suffer before. The prediction is for Crude to stabilise at around $60 a barrel over the next 18 months or so. Today it is $51.48 in a ‘nothing much happening day’. On a gloomy note, whatever happens in today’s referendum, oil is likely to rise over the next week before, hopefully, correcting lower again.

If it’s time for you to order please get in touch on 01476 861885 OR 01258 789987 or

By the way, recently several members, including me, have been approached by a company called Crown Oil so I, as I would, asked them for a quote to which I got 46.9p/l + VAT for 500 litres and 38.25 for 900 litres – they must have thought I was born yesterday. So do check in with Donna and I before taking the plunge elsewhere. We can still save you money and lots of it.

And lastly, in what must have been a moment of madness, Tim asked me to marry him. When I picked myself up of the floor I said yes. It’s only taken him 12 years!

As always a big thank you for recommending My Consortium to your friends, neighbours and family, we just love your good reports and being able to save your folks money as well.

Bye for now and enjoy the summer – I’m sure it will arrive eventually

Lisa (soon to be Jones) & Donna – The Oil Ladies


Oiling the wheels article

Oiling the wheels article

Check your tank, Says FPS

Check your tank, Says FPS

As the UK experiences the first sub zero temperatures and with snow forecast in many areas of the country, the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS) is urging heating oil users to change their energy habits to avoid being caught out by the winter weather.

The FPS recently launched their ‘buy oil early’ campaign with the support of the Energy Minister, Michael Fallon who said, “I welcome the launch of this campaign. The message is simple: stock up on heating oil before the winter leaves you out in the cold.

“Previous severe winters show it’s better to order early when suppliers have spare delivery capacity. Delaying risks longer delivery times especially if cold weather increases demand and disrupts deliveries, particularly in remote and rural parts of the country… “

Leicestershire police issue heating oil theft alert

Leicestershire police issue heating oil theft alert

Leicestershire Police is reminding heating oil users and businesses to secure their heating oil tanks as the peak theft period comes in. An analysis of heating oil thefts over the past two years has shown that police see an increase during May, late October and November.

Police would advise those who have oil tanks to take the following steps:

  • Check the oil level on your tank on a regular basis;
  • Fit an electronic oil gauge or heating oil tank alarm which will alert you if the oil level inside the tank drops;
  • Use fencing or shrubs to hide your heating oil tank from view… remembering there are legally enforceable minimum clearance distances between heating oil tanks and adjacent structures;
  • Consider installing CCTV cameras;
  • Fit a strong lock to the tank;
  • If your oil tank is in an outbuilding keep the building locked;
  • Install dusk to dawn security lighting;

Welcome to My Consortium’s new website

Good afternoon readers,

We have our new website finally up and running, hopefully you’ll be noticing a lot of differences and making it easier to navigate/use.

Just a quick note to tell you what we do as a company, were a heating oil buying group. Who order heating oil in bulk and then pass the savings down to the customers.

So if you’d like to save a pretty penny today, join us now.