East Midlands

Services offered in the East Midlands

Oil Account
By popular demand My Consortium has introduced an oil savings account and it is being taken advantage of by numerous members. This is a way of saving a regular amount for your oil. All you have to do is set up a standing order with your bank (Lisa will give you the bank details you need and help with how much you need to save) and then you can accrue funds to pay for your next top up. If there isn’t enough money in your Oil Account to pay the full amount of your order you can split the payment with a card payment transaction.

Boiler and heating system servicing
I can’t stress enough how important it is to service your boiler annually. It’s even more essential with oil than for those using mains gas for their heating and hot water. The reasons are that servicing prolongs the life of the boiler and also makes sure it runs as efficiently as possible so you are using the least oil possible.

The company that I recommend is LCP Plumbing Ltd. Lee Pinnock is the owner, he offers a very professional service that is extremely thorough and I can vouch for the excellent quality of his work.

Lee also installs tank gauges and sturdy locks for My Consortium members and offers Power Flush and other services to members, these include boiler installations, plumbing services and kitchen and bathroom installations.

To find out more visit Lee’s website and remember to mention that you have been recommended by My Consortium if you contact him for that extra special service. LCP Plumbing Website


Replacement tanks and free tank surveys
Heating Oil is expensive so why would you risk it seeping away?

The results of an oil spill are not only harmful to the environment – they can be expensive as well and you may not be covered under your house hold insurance!

Stored correctly in a well maintained tank, oil fired heating is a safe and cost effective form of heating.

My Consortium has secured a free tank inspection with The Oil Tank Company (OTC) for all its members.

The Oil Tank Company will inspect your tank to check the integral structure of the tank, the fittings on the tank (is the tank completely water tight? Water in the fuel, if drawn through to the boiler can lead to expensive repairs) and the base supports for the tank (if a tank is incorrectly supported then it could lead to a catastrophic failure of that tank).

Why wait for the leak, the lost fuel, the mess and the clean-up costs?

If you would like a free tank inspection either contact My Consortium direct who will pass the details onto OTC or contact the OTC direct, Simon or Caroline, on 01780 782255 quoting My Consortium.