Frequently Asked Questions

Heating Oil

Why does My Consortium get a better price than I do?
It is because of the large volumes that I order.

When is your next delivery for my village?
My Consortium can deliver to you at your convenience because we are able to order oil everyday. So there is no need to wait.

Why does the oil price change so often?
The barrel price for oil is extremely volatile. Some of the fluctuations are to do with supply and demand but other factors, such as currency movements may also influence oil prices. However if an oil supplier has bought well (when the price is low) and been able to store the oil they will be more competitive than a supplier who has bought when prices are high.

When can I expect my oil to be delivered?
Between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday – Friday, and within approximately 5 – 6 working days of placing your order. However in the winter, when demand can be high this may vary, but if the supplier thinks they will be delayed in delivering I will let you know as soon as possible.

Is the VAT rate always 5%?
VAT increases to 20% on individual orders in excess of 2300 litres, unless you can demonstrate it’s for domestic use. VAT for road diesel is always 20%.

Do I pay My Consortium for the service?
No. There is no cost to my customers, you join My Consortium for free and there is no obligation to buy through the group, though, of course, I would love you to do so and save money. I earn money through the commission I have negotiated with the oil suppliers that I am partnering with.

Why should I order through My Consortium rather than through my own village group?
Buying through My Consortium enables you to purchase heating oil at a similarly, if not more competitive price, and the advantage is that you don’t have to wait for the others in your group to be ready to order. You can order as it suits you as I place orders regularly.

Should my village group think about joining My Consortium?
Indeed they should. They will continue to enjoy the discount or perhaps a greater one and My Consortium will do the leg work.

I have an existing account with a supplier, can I still buy through My Consortium?
You are welcome to join My Consortium. At present I am not offering a credit or budget account but I am able to offer you a competitive price. Some information websites are advising that the use of direct debit and top up schemes may not be a cost effective way of buying because they limit your flexibility to shop around for competitive prices.

Do you use the same supplier all the time?

No, I work with a number of suppliers who provide me with prices each day.  I will quote to you the best price I am receiving from all the suppliers.

Is there a minimum amount I can order?
By law the minimum order is 500 litres.

Do I have to be at home for my oil to be delivered?
As long as there is open access to the heating oil tank, there’s no requirement for you to be present. All of the suppliers are very use to delivering oil whilst people are out.


What size are the logs?

They are about 8″ in length which fits most open fires and wood burners.  However if you would like them to be larger or smaller that can be arranged with a little notice being given.

How far do you deliver?

Within a 20 mile radius of Colsterworth.  You can also collect from the yard on a Saturday morning.

When do you deliver?

If you place an order by Wednesday then you will receive your logs on the Friday or Saturday of the same week.  Deliveries after that will be delivered in the following week.  Deliveries are always Friday’s and Saturday’s.

Are the logs hardwood?

Yes.  We only supply hardwood logs and they are predominantly Ash which burns really well.

Is the firewood seasoned?

It is indeed.  As well as having been left in lengths for around a year they are chopped at least 3 months before they are sold to enable them to properly air dry.

What size is a load?

We sell the firewood in cubic metres and can deliver up to 3 metres.  Although they are stored in cubic metre bags, they are delivered loose in a tipper truck.

How do I pay for the logs?

You have a choice of paying cash or cheque on delivery or by electronic transfer into the bank prior to delivery.


  • Save money by taking advantage of the bulk buying power
  • Convenience of ordering methods:- online, by email, by phone, by fax
  • Single point of contact for all your oil needs
  • Reliable and personal service
  • High quality oils and firewood
  • No joining fee
  • Cheaper than buying as a single user
  • I won’t let you get cold with the automatic reminder
  • No obligation
  • The rural community standing up against high prices

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