My Consortium is a buying group that sources excellent quality seasoned hardwood logs and delivers to Stamford, Spalding, Sleaford, Bourne, Grantham, Melton Mowbray, Newark and all of the villages in between.

The firewood is predominantly Ash which is one of the best types of log to burn as it’s a long burning fuel that does not spit so is ideal for open fires as well as wood burners.  Ash burns cleanly and leaves behind very little residue.

The logs are air dried and sold in 1 metre cubed quantities (which is bigger than a builder’s bag).  The price for hardwood logs is extremely competitive because I have agreed a bulk buying discount with the provider. The price is dependant on the distance from the supplier. Please get in touch so we can make sure we quote you the right price for where you live.

The log size is 8” but can be larger or smaller if required.  The solid fuel firewood is delivered loose and should be with you within one week of ordering and you can choose if you would prefer a Friday or Saturday delivery.  We can also arrange to have them stacked for you.

We also supply kindling and logs in nets, again at great rates.

The firewood is supplied by a lovely local company that cares about the quality of its products, as we care about the quality of our service.  And the great news is that these logs are carbon neutral; the supplier, Iain, plants many, many more trees than he thins out.

Payment is by cheque or cash on delivery or by BACS payment prior to delivery.

I would be delighted to answer your questions if you would like further information about supplying you with firewood.  Give me a call on 01476 861884 or email

What our members say about My Consortium’s firewood service: