Terms and Conditions

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  2. I understand that My Consortium will place my order through their preferred suppliers and thereafter the contract for the supply of goods will be solely between the supplier and me and responsibility for the performance of such contract (e.g in relation to connection, delivery, billing, payment) lies entirely with the supplier and myself.
  3. I accept that negotiated services will be invoiced to me directly by the supplier in accordance with their normal practices, which may include payment being required by credit or debit card before, at the time of, or immediately after delivery, and I agree that payment of all such invoices must be made by me directly to the supplier.
  4. I agree that My Consortium shall have no liability to me for any claims that may arise between the supplier and me for any supply contract I may take out with them and the invoicing/payment thereof.
  5. I agree that the information I am submitting via this website can be given to the supplier by My Consortium in order to process the order and arrange efficient delivery.
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  7. I understand that although all advertising material is expected to conform to ethical standards, inclusion does not constitute a guarantee or endorsement of the quality or value of such product or of the claims made of it by its manufacturer or service provider.